Therapeutic Botanical Precleanse

Illuiminate - Precleanse_HR.jpg

Although Therapeutic Botanical Precleanse is capable of exfoliation, cleansing and hydration all on it’s own, it’s most effective in its role as part one of Illuminate’s two-tier cleanse strategy. Select one of four Precleanse formulations to thoroughly remove and melt away impurities, sunscreen, eye-makeup, pollutants, congestion, toxicity and debris to administer deep hydration, decongest pores, deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate. Each therapeutic blend offers a specific solution, whether you’re skin is congested, indifferent, rough, ruddy, aging, inflamed or in need of deep nurturing, this intelligent blend of organic plant-based carrier and essential oils heal skin by delivery essential fatty acids specific to harmonizing your unique complexion.

Choose one of four blends which best describes you, avoiding refine if oily or cystic acne are present and avoiding clarify when skin is dry or highly inflamed.


vital decongestion for oily or textured complexion

active botanical nutrient to unify combination skin

rich hydration to smooth, soften and revitalize

intense recovery for inflamed or acne conditions