Non-ablative Fractionating Mode

Illuminate Dermaglow is administered using a non-ablative fractional Nd:YAG laser, which fractionates the moment it comes in contact with the skin. Unlike traditional ablative fractional therapies, this non-ablative therapy requires no down time with only subtle side effects; mild redness (which usually dissipates within hours). A targeted treatment, which accesses deep imperfections like spots and vascular components, restoring youthful texture and appearance. Although Illuminate Dermaglow yields amazing benefits as a solitary treatment, it offers even greater value and benefit when partnered with compatible therapeutic components in Illuminate Skin Therapies Radiance + Retouch or Radiance + Remedy complexion strategies!

*Complexion Strategies are designed to be smart, value-oriented and deliver effective, concise results. Ask you Laser Therapist which might be most compatible with your skincare goals.

Fractional Resurfacing

Ablative Fractionating Mode

Illuminate Skin Therapies revolutionary laser technology has the ability to switch between ablative and non-ablative Fractional Resurfacing. Ablative action is administered by delivery-controlled dermal injury to the skin through 81 pinpoint beams, which causes the body to respond by producing healthy, fresh cells in response to the thermal effects of the Er:YAG laser. The ablative fractional modality of our Er:YAG is the more impactful of the two fractional modalities due to the strategic and precise way this laser ablates the skin: ‘healing islands’ are created…This translates into minimal healing and downtime and maximum benefit. Fractional Resurfacing is incredibly effective producing substantial improvements to irregularity of pigment, laxity, texture, acne scars and pore size-all while stimulating neocollagenesis: the process of skin remodelling! Fractional benefits can be administered as a solitary therapy or during Illuminate Skin Therapies’ Radiance + Refine Complexion strategy!

*Mild discomfort is often experienced, topical numbing agent is applied to decrease sensitivity.


Non-ablative Collagen Induction

Collagen is essential to the appearance of healthy, youthful skin-it gives structure to the cells and supports the underlying dermis. This ‘no downtime’ service yields immediate benefits with no discomfort, by targeting the increase in skin volume through a process called collagen induction. Although a series of treatments are recommended protocol, results from Intra-Oral Collagen Induction can be observed after just one, and an overall improved tightness and elasticity of the skin - along with a plumping effect - will be noticed…Lasting lift and rejuvenation without fillers! Tissue responds to collagen induction much like it would if you were to have a filler administered.

*Intra-oral benefits are enhanced in both value and effectiveness when partnered with Illuminate Skin Therapie’s Radiance + Retouch or Radiance + Refine strategies!

Liplase Rejuvination

Liplase Rejuvination is generally administered during the course of other Illuminate Skin Therapies laser services, such as Intra-oral, Dermaglow and SupERficial. This thermal plump-up and exfoliation for the lips adds a hind of volume and a delayed exfoliation that softens and refines the texture and volumes the appearance of lips!

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser — an intense, pulsating beam of light — to remove unwanted hair. When passed over the skin, the intense heat of the laser painlessly damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth. 

Although laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair, Illuminate Skin Therapies skilled Technicians can handle all skin types. Laser hair removal treatments are suitable for both men and women of all skin types, including dark skin.  Laser hair removal can also be considered a helpful treatment for people suffering from hirsutism, a condition in which there is excessive hairiness of the body or face. In most cases there is no obvious cause but some patients may have a hormonal disturbance. Hirsutism may also be a feature of menopause.


Deep Thermal Therapy

*Radiance mode

*Remedy mode

*Piano Radiance uses advanced Nd:Yag laser technology to heat the skin rapidly and safely from the outside in by concentrating energy delivery, subcutaneously. This is done using a brushing technique and provides an outstanding tightening effect for areas experiencing skin laxity.

In the alternate modality of treatment, *Piano Remedy heats the skin from the outside in, relieving inflammation, which allows for balanced flow of skin sebum; this in turn lubricates the multiple layers of skin more effectively, reducing the likelihood of excessive or blocked sebum production resulting in congestion.

*Piano can be administered as a solo application, it is also highly beneficial when teamed with other modalities in Illuminate Skin Therapies Complexion Strategies: Radiance + Remedy and Radiance + Retouch; which are also applied throughout Illuminate’s incredibly effective Remedy Rehab Programme. Piano results in visibly healthy, radiant skin; which is more calm and less irritated; it also enhances elasticity and tone.

Pigmentation Therapy

Non-ablative Pigmentation Treatment

Illuminate Pigmentation Therapy uses a 532 Q-switch wavelength to expertly treat the evidence of aging, sun and is one of the few technologies qualified to safely treat the hormonally-triggered and mysterious Melasma pigmentation…often referred to as a “pregnancy” mask or “butterfly” mask due to it’s characteristically symmetrical appearance. Although this wavelength is a master in the treatment of brown and some reddish pigmentation, it doesn’t stop there! The 532 wavelength of our Q-switched laser effectively depletes degenerated outer layers of dead skin revealing new, fresh, healthy skin-all without downtime! The 532 is incredibly affective alone and transformative when partnered with the glow-boosting, detoxifying 1064 wavelength as a major player in Illuminate’s infamous Original *Complexion Rehab.

Polishing Micropeel

Minimal-Moderate Ablative Micropeel

As we age our cells begin to lose moisture and collagen production is reduced. Illuminate’s Polishing Micropeels are administered to smooth and improve the texture of skin, removing wrinkles, enlarged pores and spots. During this service, the superficial layers of skin are gently removed to reveal fresh, youthful skin beneath; resulting in a smoother, more pearly appearance. Using an Er:Yag ablative beam, we gently vaporize micron-thin layers of the epidermis, while thermally affective deeper skin layers to stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis. Most patients resume their activities immediately as the redness and sunburn like sensation will only last a few hours. During our deeper peels (20 microns) redness and mild swelling is normal, however tenderness dissipates within 24-48 hours! Although incredibly effective, results look natural and this treatment can be catered to your needs! Illuminate Skin Therapies Polishing Micropeel is one of our most loved services and can be administered alone, during Illuminate’s Radiance + Refine facial or as a service included in the Remedy Rehab complexion programme.

*Mild discomfort is often experienced, topical numbing agent is applied to decrease sensitivity.

SP Dermalinfusion

Medical Serum-infused Microdermabrasion

Professional exfoliation treatments trigger the body’s wound-healing response, they also deplete degenerated stratum corneum build-up, enhancing the body’s receptivity to restorative serums (which we choose to match your specific concerns)allowing them to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin. Because the window of opportunity to maximize topical serum efficacy is limited, a precision-timed delivery of serum infusion is critical for max penetration, and the healing/rejuvinating benefits each provides!

1. Exfoliates 2. Extracts 3. Infuses 4. Relieves. 5. Heals

The benefits include 70% skin volume due to restoration of trans epidermal waterless (severe skin dehydration) = improved radiance, a refreshed, revived glow. Targeted restoration and healing of acute concerns like acne and congestion plus stimulation of new, healthy cellular turnover! Illuminate SP Dermalinfusion is safe for all ages and skin types, is incredible for the treatment of unwanted pigmentation and is a therapeutic, medical-grade, comfortable treatment for all complexions. SP Dermalinfusion is incredibly effective when used alone, but its efficacy is maximized when used during our *Remedy Rehab: 8 carefully strategized weeks of complexion healing designed to compassionately restore even the most troubled skin.




Non-ablative Micro-exfoliant (delayed exfoliation)

SupERficial micro-exfoliates skin, creating a mild delayed exfoliation (a light sloughing of rough, degenerated outer skin) which occurs-inconspicuously-a few days after the procedure, without ablative downtime! *SupERficial Remedy as administered during the Radiance + Remedy complexion strategy has a micro-exfoliation affect on the outermost surface layer of inflamed, bacterial-prone, congested skin, which helps to heal acne, psoriasis, eczema and other inflammation-related conditions. By removing this dense, often inflamed and degenerated tissue, essential, natural sebum flow is liberated in a way that allows it to effectively moisturize and heal outer layers of skin. This gives the body’s natural healing mechanisms much-needed tactical support as we have a tendency to heal inside out (outside last).

*SupERficial Radiance stimulates the skin to enhance cellular turnover, gently revealing the radiant, renewed and pearly tissue beneath; refining it to be more even in texture and tone; a gentle, no down time exfoliant. Each person is different, but occasionally people report a tight, itchy sensation as the superficial layers of degenerated skin slough away! SupERficial can be administered alone, but is even more effective when partnered with Illuminate Skin Therapies supportive modalities within Illuminate Radiance + Refine or Radiance + Remedy only or within the Remedy Rehab Programme!


Thermal Therapy

Multifaceted Lifestyle Laser

Illuminate Skin Therapies 1064 wavelength is incredibly popular, because it’s a “lunchtime” service, and there’s no downtime! Thermal Therapy is an unmatched detox modality that stimulates the body’s glow-promoting tendencies, because the body responds by kicking out toxicity that fosters a gradual dulling of skin and slow degeneration of tissue…This means skincare products will work more effectively too! As a partner in Illuminate Skin Therapies infamous *Complexion Rehab, this Q-Switched 1064 wavelength delivers a well-rounded, safe, effective rejuvenation of the skin…If you’re new to laser therapy and your goal is to establish a baseline of skin health, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow…look no further. Thermal Therapy delivers collagen production, pore-size reduction, smooth, even, breathable skin; otherwise known as the essence of skin wellness…Thermal Therapy is Pigmentation Therapy’s “other” half. Together they are *Complexion Rehab…Or the place most of our clients start their laser journey.