Radiant C-Serum

Radiant C-Serum


Infused with 20% pure vitamin C. Use morning and night to brighten skin tone and reduced redness. Aids in maintenance and rebuilding of collagen, enhancing elasticity and reducing fine lines, reduces unwanted pigmentation and neutralizes post inflammatory pigmentation, taking complexion to the fairest common denominator.

Skin type:   Safe for all skin classifications when used with caution

Application:   Apply 1-2 drops to surface of face and neck following Active Botanical Mist. *For best results, follow with hyaluronic acid serum and illuminate two-tier hydration strategy.

Ingredients: L-ascorbic acid, organic glycerine, certified organic essential oils of carrot seed, lavender and palmarosa. Fruit acid complex and vitamin e.

30ml UV-proof, eco-friendly bottle with doplet

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