Refine - Therapeutic Botanical Precleanse

Refine - Therapeutic Botanical Precleanse


Rich hydration to smooth, soften and revitalize, providing a rich dose of omega 9 essential fatty acids to emolliate (soften) and fortify.

Skin type:  Dry, non-acneic skin, requiring deep, moisture restoration at every level, particularly helpful for softening slightly rough or textured complexions that are superficially dry, ruddy or reddish. If your skin feels especially hot, inflamed, textured or cystic, see if Illuminate Remedy descriptors align with your individual need for soothing and relief.

Application:  Massage 4-6 pumps into dry face and neck in circular motion for 1-2 minutes; gently exfoliate off using tepid, damp microfiber cloth. *Rinse residue with Botanical Beauty Brick or Emollient Botanical Cleanser.

Ingredients: Certified Organic carrier oils of camellia, sweet almond, olive, shea nut and apricot seed. Certified Organic essential oils of yarrow, lavender, carrot seed and chamomile.

100ml UV-Proof, eco-friendly bottle with gel-pump

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