Remedy - Therapeutic Botanical Oil

Remedy - Therapeutic Botanical Oil


Remedy Therapeutic Botanical Oil calms inflammation by hindering the growth of bacteria, microbes and emolliating (softening) degenerated skin and promoting cellular turnover. Remedy works constantly to breakdown dead skin and stimulate circulation, which allows the nutrient-rich qualities of of this cooling blue blend to access deep dermal tissues, migrate inflammation and leave skin calmed, hydrated and fortified. Intense delivery of Omega 3 essential fatty acids are lightweight, gaining them access which allows their characteristically anti-inflammatory benefits to integrate, calm and soothe temperamental or aging skin.

Skin type:   Any skin type but particularly well suited to highly inflamed, sensitive aging, textured or dry acneic types, which may include rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, inflamed/cystic acne.

Application:   Gently press 5-10 drops into face and neck following Cleanse, Active Botanical Mist and/or Radiant- C Serum.

Ingredients: Certified Organic carrier oils of jojoba, pomegranate, baobab and sacha inchi seed. Certified Organic essential oils of helychrysum, turmeric, cedarwood, neroli, geranium, blue tansy, lavender, cardamom, rose damascena, ravansara and bergamot.

30ml UV-Proof, eco-friendly black glass bottle with doplet

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