Refine - Therapeutic Botanical Oil

Refine - Therapeutic Botanical Oil


Refine is the stunning pragmatist of Illuminate’s facial-oil familia. Rich in full-bodied omega 9 essential fatty acid, Refine’s moisturizing and emolliating properties spread far and wide… Omega 9’s are well know for their ability to soothe and soften surface dryness by evenly distributing and penetrating slowly, like an elevator that stops on every floor as it travels downward to arrive fashionably late to the main event. The result: drastically minimized fine lines, soft, emolliated texture and the glowing dewy hues of satisfied skin.

Skin type:   Dry, non-acneic skin, requiring deep, dermal moisture restoration and superficial emolliation (softening).

Application:   Gently press 5-10 drops into face and neck following Cleanse, Active Botanical Mist and/or Radiant- C Serum.

Ingredients: Certified Organic carrier oils of sea buckthorn, avocado, argan, apricot, jojoba, rosehip, baobab, pomegranate, cranberry and camellia seed. Certified Organic essential oils of frankincense, ylang ylang, helychrysum, neroli, chamomile, geranium, carrot seed, palmarosa, lavender, bergamot, and rose damascena.

30ml UV-Proof, eco-friendly black glass bottle with doplet

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