Clarify - Therapeutic Botanical Oil

Clarify - Therapeutic Botanical Oil


Clarify Therapeutic Botanical Oil hinders the growth of bacteria, microbes and the congestive accumulation characterized by the overproduction of dense sebum (oil). By clarifying the pores of this dense matter, skin is less vulnerable to new congestion. Clarify stimulates circulation and fades post-acneic hypigmentation while keeping excessive oil production at bay by introducing high linoleic, organic plant-based oils and establishing clean, calmed, healed homeostasis.

Skin type:  Oily or textured complexions prone to congestion (white or blackheads).

Application: Gently press 5-10 drops into face and neck following Cleanse, Active Botanical Mist and/or Radiant- C Serum.

Ingredients: Certified Organic carrier oils of cherry kernel, prickly pear, perilla, pumpkin and hemp seed. Certified Organic essential oils of vetiver, chamomile, helychrysum, neroli, geranium, turmeric, cardamom, lavender, lemongrass, clary sage and grapefruit.

30ml UV-Proof, eco-friendly black glass bottle with doplet

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