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Refine Rehab

Anti-Aging Natural Skin Care

Introductory Special $269/session

Refine Rehab is an incredibly transformational skin rejuvenation programme designed especially for those determined to take a proactive approach to slowing or rewinding the signs of aging. During this 10 week, intensive programme, Illuminate Skin Therapies guides you on a journey of detoxification, pigment-depletion, polishing, collagen reproduction and refinement. Illuminate the appearance of your skin, soften and polish fine and deep lines, refine tone and texture…Establish a renewed definition of aging gracefully using the best anti-aging skin care. If you are someone who is especially committed to complexion wellness and appearance of skin, look no further…We can’t stop the clock, but we can certainly slow it down and soften the affects of days past.

For more information on each individual services and strategies, please click the link below!

Treatment 1 Illuminate Thermal Therapy (Week1)

Treatment 2 Illuminate Thermal Therapy (Week 2)

Treatment 3 Illuminate Pigmentation Therapy (Week 3)

Treatment 4 Illuminate Radiance + Refine Complexion Strategy (Week 5)

Treatment 5 Illuminate Thermal Therapy (Week 7)

Treatment 6 Illuminate Pigmentation Therapy (Week 8)

Treatment 7 Illuminate Radiance + Refine Complexion Strategy (week 10)

Treatment 8 Illuminate Thermal Therapy (Week 12)

*Recommended follow-up protocol determined based on specific client needs, results vary and are enhanced by clients who are committed to self-care and adhere to recommended post-care protocol.

With one laser treatment at a time my skin has gone through unbelievable transformation. I’ve suffered with skin problems ever since teenage years. Having extreme sensitivities to products, environment, hormones, diet and stress, acne and scars, sun damage spots, enlarged pores and uneven blotchy redness.
After 4-5 laser treatments, I noticed my blotchy red skin turn in to an even radiant glow.
By 10th treatment, all sun damage spots and freckles were completely erased. Acne scars and enlarged pores have drastically minimized!

I can’t believe that my face looks the way that it does in just small amount of time without any complicated surgical procedures.
My friends all notice the difference in my appearance, some even mentioned that I look like I’m in my 20s again!
I’m overjoyed with my results!
— Violeta Lokietko
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