Radiance + Refine

Illuminate Complexion Strategy

Introductory Special $595/session

Four phases of complexion renewal, focused on expedient refinement. Beginning with a collagen inducting Intra-oral treatment that stimulates rejuvenation - from the inside out. This safe, painless procedure results in a tissue-plumping effect that can be felt and seen immediately…Lift without surgery, fillers or injections! Next, Fractionally Resurface the skin in a manner that yields fast healing time and substantial improvements to irregularity of pigment, laxity, texture, scarring and pore size, all while stimulating neocollagenesis: the process of skin-remodelling. Finally, we resurface the complexion, by administering a Polishing Micropeel. This has the capability to remove nearly all fine lines and wrinkles, cumulatively, with enhanced benefits following each application! …It gently vaporizes micron-thin layers of degenerated epidermis while thermal action of the laser affects deeper layers of tissue to stimulate the production of new collagen. Clients can expect a pearly-smooth finish, improved tone and fullness, refined texture and even, glowing tone!

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Collagen inducting Intra-oral Rejuvination +

Fractional Resurfacing + Collagen stimulation

Polishing Micropeel

Fractional Resurfacing and Polishing Micropeel imply short periods of downtime, during which this skin is temporarily tender, red and ultimately sloughing…This mild ‘social’ downtime lasts between 4-6 days. In most cases this services processes by day 4-5. *Recommended protocol is 1 service per decade of age to establish a baseline. Complete 1 service every 6-12 months for compounding progress. Best Results appear 2 months after each service, once collagen has reached opportune gestation time. *Clients hoping for little or no downtime will benefit from Illuminate’s Radiance + Retouch! Also see Refine Rehab.


Package of 3 - $1749

As a recently single late 30s man, I’ve come to believe that men far too often neglect their skin. After being told by numerous dermatologists that some minor blemishes would require surgery, meeting Kyla and the team at Illuminate was a breath of fresh air.
After patiently listening to my concerns, Kyla took the time and attention required to apply her rejuvenating laser treatment and accompanying skin care regimine like only a well educated and caring professional could.

At nearly 40, I’m now, just 6 months later, proud to regularly be mistaken for a 30 year old and am proud to refer friends to Illuminate.

Go see The Illuminate team for their professionalism, knowledge, careful and exacting process, fantastic skin products and most importantly to achieve outcomes you may not believe possible.
— Sheldon Pereira
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