Therapeutic - Active Botanical Mask

Therapeutic - Active Botanical Mask


Illuminate Therapeutic Active Botanical mask is carefully blended full of gentle botanical powders selected to address purification and detoxification with consciousness of sensitivity, dryness and inflammation. Results will include softening of superficial dryness, enhanced cellular turnover, expect improvement to efficacy of all products; particularly the hydration strategy.

Skin type:   Ideal masking option for dry or sensitive complexions that require gentle purification-compatible with Refine and great for Remedy descriptors; well-suited to all skin classification.

Application:   In blending bowl, combine 1-2 tsp Botanical powder with 2-4 tsp warm water. Apply thin layer to face (and neck-use more product) Let stimulate for 15-20 min. Mask does not need to dry. *Follow with illuminate two-tier hydration strategy. Use 1-3 times weekly.

Ingredients: French pink and diatomaceous earth clay, pink rose petal, rosehip, chamomile and calendula Botanical powders, optiMSM. Certified Organic essential oils of bergamot, geranium, fankincense and elemi.

100ml UV-proof, eco-friendly glass jar (add treatment brush and artisan clay bowl)

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