Replenishing - Active Botanical Mask

Replenishing - Active Botanical Mask


Replenishing Active Botanical Mask stimulates cellular turnover and provokes shedding of mature, degenerated aspects of tissue, leaving skin brighter and more susceptible to the penetration of product; particularly the hydration strategy. Adaptogenic qualities help to calm inflammation, neutralize and repair the affects of stressed skin.

Skin type:   Ideal masking option for dry or sensitive complexions that require gentle purification (more intense/agressive than Therapeutic mask). Great choice for Refine and Remedy skin classifications; well suited to all skin classifications.

Application:   In blending bowl, combine 1-2 tsp Botanical powder with 2-4 tsp warm water. Apply thin layer to face (and neck-use more product) Let stimulate for 15-20 min. Mask does not need to dry. *Follow with illuminate two-tier hydration strategy. Use 1-3 times weekly.

Ingredients: French yellow clay, ashwagandha, calendula, cardamom, aloe, hibiscus, Botanical rosehip and beet root powders. Certified Organic essential oils of ylang ylang, lavender and ravensara.

100ml UV-proof, eco-friendly glass jar (add treatment brush and artisan clay bowl)

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