Fortifying - Active Botanical Mask

Fortifying - Active Botanical Mask


Illuminate Fortifying Mask - a 'green' smoothie for your complexion - is blended to deliver antioxidant-rich, free radical fighting nutrient to all complexions, particularly those which need brightening and a boost in vitality and balance. Expect soft, clear, neutralized complexion that gradually becomes emolliated, smooth with fewer comedones (black and whiteheads) and improvement to efficacy of all products; particularly the hydration strategy.

Skin type:  Suitable to all skin classifications.

Application:   In blending bowl, combine 1-2 tsp Botanical powder with 2-4 tsp warm water. Apply thin layer to face (and neck-use more product) Let stimulate for 15-20 min. Mask does not need to dry. *Follow with illuminate two-tier hydration strategy. Use 1-3 times weekly.

Ingredients: Fullers earth, rhassoul and Australian olive clay, chamomile Botanical powder, organic chlorella, spirulina, stone crop, aloe, moringa and damania leaves, wheatgrass, neem, pipsissewa and olive leaf. Certified Organic essential oils of lavender, cedarwood and clary sage.

100ml UV-proof, eco-friendly glass jar (add treatment brush and artisan clay bowl)

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