Our vision +

  • Quality of outstanding products and programmes, facilitated by professional, experienced technicians using carefully curated technology, pure, trustworthy ingredients + effective technique.

  • Compassion through the conscious, attentive collection of information and details specific to each client and their unique requirements. By remaining available to supply ongoing support, education + compassion. 

  • Transparency of programmes and strategies evolved from Illuminate’s reputation for quality + value. The goals we set together will be strategically approached. In an industry where results may vary dramatically; our measure of predictability for success will be a reflection of our experience-based insight.

Meet Our Team

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Kyla +

Meet Kyla, Founder of Illuminate Skin Therapies. Originally from Seattle, she settled in Calgary and started researching Eco friendly and natural beauty solutions in 2003. After years of research and travels abroad, Kyla began blending wisdom from the east and west, sourcing organic ingredients from all over the globe to create Illuminate Skin Therapies, skin care line; which integrated seamlessly with her beloved clients’ need for skin nourishing and support.

Kyla’s dedication to research, carefully curated technology and product development have made her an expert in this field; she is committed to seeing results in her clients. Merging nature with technology, while customizing products and services, Kyla has created tailored systems proven to transform skin. She is continuously expanding her vision to include the limitless ways in which Illuminate Skin Therapies can transform the beauty industry, and considers it a privilege to impart her wisdom with you, her treasured client.

Apart from her purpose project, Illuminate Skin Therapies, Kyla is an avid meditator, yogi and world traveller who loves to cook, read and write…She is a lover of sustainable things, raw food, beautiful minimalism and furry creatures with big personalities; in particular her grumpy Brussels Griffon.

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JJ +

Meet JJ – aka Janice Jr, Illuminate Senior Technician. Originally from Winnipeg, she moved to Calgary in 2011 to enroll in the Professional Advanced Aesthetics Program at Eveline Charles Academy. She further pursued her education at the National Laser Institute in Phoenix, Arizona in same year. True to her sincerity and dedication, JJ completed both programmes in 2012 and has been building upon her experience since; joining Illuminate Skin Therapies in 2017 and quickly moving through her Junior training programme within the first year of her tenure.

What JJ loves the most about her job is forming relationships with her clients, strategizing long-term, personalized skincare regimes and earning client trust so that she can impart her willingness to guide Illuminate clients through a lifetime of skin support and therapy. JJ has an authentic dedication to helping people feel great in their skin and people are drawn to her healing nature.

JJ’s kind nature doesn’t stop at Illuminate, her love of the outdoors, plants, music, art and her lovable little pup are the many extensions of her gracious and faithful heart. We are incredibly blessed to have JJ on our team, she loves Illuminate and all of the beautiful people it attracts as though it were her own.


Olivia +

Meet Olivia..


Shellie +

Meet Shellie, Executive Assistant to Kyla, Founder and Creative Director of Illuminate Skin Therapies. Shellie provides behind the scenes support to Kyla as well as hands on support to our skilled team of skin technicians. You can find her at our clinic from time to time as well as our production facility assisting with inventory, packaging, production, even when she has her laptop in one hand and phone in the other, Shellie is always eager to lend a hand! Kyla describes her as “The executor of my vision and purveyor of all things that might otherwise prevent me from bringing it to life...a truly indispensable gift, as trustworthy and devoted as she is beautiful-inside and out.”

Shellie first met Illuminate in 2016 as a client looking to improve her complexion and find the best organic skincare that would price gentle for her maturing skin. Little did she know, Illuminate would one day become her home away from home! A native Calgarian and University of Calgary graduate, Shellie has extensive experience in marketing and communications primarily in the software industry. Shellie has a long history in the figure skating world, as a competitor and coach both in singles, dance and synchro. Shellie brings her natural ‘mom-vibe’ to Illuminate as a mother of three teenagers!

Incredibly honoured to be a part of the Illuminate team, Shellie loves to come to work every day to meet our amazing clients, support the talented team of technicians and most importantly learn from our compassionately kind leader, visionary and friend to many – Kyla +


The Illuminate ladies are inspiring and calming women. I always enjoy chatting with them about absolutely anything.
They are all so knowledgeable when it come to their craft and I have had so many compliments on the progress of my skin.
I would 100% recommend these amazing ladies
— Lindsay Nichols