Illuminate Skin Therapies Complexion Rehab Programs

Three transformative complexion programs, strategically designed to meet the needs of your skin. Using our suite of carefully curated technology, our rehab programs are designed to deliver exceptional value and achieve results. Each Rehab includes a complimentary consult.

The Original Complexion Rehab

Introductory Special $99/session

Complexion Rehab is the lifestyle-oriented laser therapy programme, which Illuminate Skin Therapies is most well known for. Designed to establish a baseline of skin health with no downtime and without compromise to your budget. Reinvent your complexion with this strategy comprised of Thermal Therapy and Pigmentation Therapy. Together this dynamic duo stimulates collagen production, deep detoxification, pigment depletion, reduction in pore size, minimization of fine lines and refinement of texture/uneven tone. Q-switched laser is safe for all skin types; it’s an incredibly effective wavelength choice for those who are new to the many benefits of laser therapy. Results are cumulative, which means the investment you make in your skin grows with each Complexion Rehab service; which is why this technology is considered the Gold Standard in lifestyle-oriented complexion transformation!

Thermal Therapy or Pigmentation Therapy $249/session

*8 week protocol, strategized to respond to the specific challenges of each individual complexion. Minimum 8 week (two skin cycles) protocol - follow-up Onglowing protocol determined individually.

Remedy Rehab

Introductory Special $159/session

Remedy Rehab is an 8 week skincare programme designed to initiate the journey toward calming and neutralizing the evidence of acne and inflammation-prone complexions. This purifying, detoxifying and pigmentation-corrective protocol is meant to turn the page on acne and breakouts, entering a new chapter filled with deeper understanding of the skin. Acute acne conditions and inflammation can be life changing, eliminating them can be transformational. During our careful consult, we will develop an understanding of your journey with inflamed skin; whether long or recent, Illuminate Skin Therapies is prepared to meet you where you’re at and initiate compassionate, lasting change.

*Recommended minimum 8 week protocol (two skin cycles) for all acne-prone complexions; follow-up protocol determined individually.

Renewal Rehab

Introductory Special $269/session

Renewal Rehab is a skin rejuvenation programme designed especially for those determined to take a proactive approach to slowing and rewinding the signs of aging…Renewal Rehab is most accurately described as revolutionary transformation for your skin! During this 10 week, intensive programme, Illuminate Skin Therapies guides you on a journey of detoxification, pigment-depletion, polishing, collagen reproduction and refinement. Illuminate the appearance of your skin, soften and polish fine and deep lines, tone and texture, establishing a renewed definition of aging gracefully. If you are someone who is especially committed to the complexion-wellness and appearance of skin, look no further…We can’t stop the clock, but we can certainly slow it down and soften the affects of days past.

*Recommended follow-up protocol determined based on specific client needs, results vary and are enhanced by clients who are committed to self-care and adhere to recommended post-care protocol.

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