Illuminate Your Complexion…Strategically

Three services. each with multiple modalities completed during a single visit! Each individual component included in your Illuminate Complexion Strategy is carefully selected to support the others: Radiance and Remedy, Retouch or Refine your complexion by combining compatible services to deliver value + results. Book a complimentary consult to determine which is most suitable with your skincare goals.

Radiance + Remedy

Introductory Special $149/session

Three steps of therapeutic care designed to treat the symptoms of acne, in both oily-congested and dry-inflamed cases; including active acne, redness, painful inflammation and post-acneic swelling and hyperpigmentation. This service is also incredibly beneficial in the treatment of Rosacea and vascular imperfections. We start by targeting deep subcutaneous tissue with concentrated bulk-heat using Piano (Remedy)-this detoxifies and calms inflammation allowing for a balanced flow of skin sebum, which hydrates and reduces congestion. Next we treat imperfections that result from inflamed skin: hyperpigmentation broken blood vessels and redness, by introducing Dermaglow-a skin-fractionating corrective therapy. Last, the SupERfical (Radiance) step, a micro-exfoliation to rid the skin surface of degenerated dead skin that suffocates skin and prevent the flow of sebum and healthy cell renewal.

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Recommended protocol is client dependent. Each Illuminate Skin Therapies service includes a complimentary consult. For clients experiencing long-term symptoms of acne, see *Remedy Rehab.


Package of 3 $599

Radiance + Retouch

Introductory Special $249/session

Four stages that focus on the primary areas of rejuvenation, like our Radiance + Refine service, but more gradually-without social downtime! Beginning with a collagen inducting Intra-oral treatment, we stimulates rejuvination of collagen from the inside out, which is safe and painless. Next we heat the skin rapidly from the outside in using concentrating energy to tighten skin laxity and stimulate collagen with Piano (Radiance) mode laser therapy. Next we Illuminate using Dermaglow modality, intended to treat specific, deep imperfections like spots and vascular components, which is effective, fast! To finish, we use the SupERficial (Retouch) micro-exfoliant mode to polish and refine, removing dead skin cells and revealing brighter, healthier tissue below. The result is smooth, refined skin tone and texture and a more even, youthful + radiant glow!

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Each person is different but you can expect minimal to no discomfort during this treatment. Immediately following, you may experience some redness or swelling that will diminish after a few hours. Most clients resume normal activities immediately. A delayed exfoliation is common a few days following.


Package of 3 $999

Radiance + Refine

Introductory Special $449/session

Four phases of complexion renewal, focused on expedient refinement. Beginning with a collagen inducting Intra-oral treatment that stimulates rejuvenation - from the inside out. This safe, painless procedure results in a tissue-plumping effect that can be felt and seen immediately…Lift without surgery, fillers or injections! Intra-oral application is immediately followed by a Liplase Rejuvination to refine and restore the texture of lips. Next, Fractionally Resurface the skin in a manner that yields fast healing time and substantial improvements to irregularity of pigment, laxity, texture, scarring and pore size, all while stimulating neocollagenesis: the process of skin-remodelling. Finally, we resurface the complexion, by administering a Polishing Micropeel. This has the capability to remove nearly all fine lines and wrinkles, cumulatively, with enhanced benefits following each application! …It gently vaporizes micron-thin layers of degenerated epidermis while thermal action of the laser affects deeper layers of tissue to stimulate the production of new collagen. Clients can expect a pearly-smooth finish, improved tone and fullness, refined texture and even, glowing tone!

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Fractional Resurfacing and Polishing Micropeel imply short periods of downtime, during which this skin is temporarily tender, red and ultimately sloughing…This mild ‘social’ downtime lasts between 4-6 days. In most cases this services processes by day 4-5. *Recommended protocol is 1 service per decade of age to establish a baseline. Complete 1 service every 6-12 months for compounding progress. Best Results appear 2 months after each service, once collagen has reached opportune gestation time. *Clients hoping for little or no downtime will benefit from Illuminate’s Radiance + Retouch! Also see Refine Rehab.


Package of 3 $1749

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