Radiance + Remedy

Illuminate Complexion Strategy

Introductory Special $149/session

Three steps of therapeutic care designed to treat the symptoms of acne, in both oily-congested and dry-inflamed cases; including active acne, redness, painful inflammation and post-acneic swelling and hyperpigmentation. This service is also incredibly beneficial in the treatment of Rosacea and vascular imperfections. We start by targeting deep subcutaneous tissue with concentrated bulk-heat using Piano (Remedy)-this detoxifies and calms inflammation allowing for a balanced flow of skin sebum, which hydrates and reduces congestion. Next we treat imperfections that result from inflamed skin: hyperpigmentation broken blood vessels and redness, by introducing Dermaglow-a skin-fractionating corrective therapy. Last, the SupERfical (Radiance) step, a micro-exfoliation to rid the skin surface of degenerated dead skin that suffocates skin and prevent the flow of sebum and healthy cell renewal.

For more information on each individual service, click the link below!

Piano (Remedy) skin detoxification and decongestion

Dermaglow skin fractionating corrective therapy

SupERficial (Radiance) Micro-exfoliant cell epidermal renewal

Recommended protocol is client dependent. Each Illuminate Skin Therapies service includes a complimentary consult. For clients experiencing long-term symptoms of acne, see *Remedy Rehab.


Package of 3 - $599

I’ve always had to wear foundation or cover up to conceal the redness on my cheeks (and face in general) since high school. I have never gone a day without makeup due to my redness and insecurities of how the redness looked. I started going to Illuminate Laser Therapies a few months ago and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my skin! Illuminate has not only changed the way my skin looks and feels, but has changed how I personally feel about my skin. Never in my life would I have thought to be one of those girls who don’t have to wear makeup. This is now a reality because of Illuminate!
— Cat Yip
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