What can I expect during my consult?

Illuminate consults generally last 30-45 minutes and are aimed toward understanding you and the many unique variables that affect your skin. As passionate as we are about what we do, the most important thing for us is to understand your needs, goals and challenges-so that we can support you with compatible insight and solutions…We do this by developing an appreciation of your communication style. This way, we can tailor your future visits and the wealth of information we might exchange to connects with, rather than over or underwhelm you!

Do you prefer…

a. Data, info, detail, facts…insight?

b. To let go and trust your Skin Therapist to inform you, only (or mostly) when something might affect you more than normal/when you need to change something to nurture your skin…etc?

c. A little of both +

At Illuminate we appreciate the role your expectations play in the overall satisfaction of your experience, so we are as clear and realistic as possible. Although everyone is different and results may vary, we’ve seen many transformational journeys and we feel this gives us a diverse reference point. We hope this, and our carefully tailored consults and programmes help to establish a greater measure of clarity and predictability when it comes to your results.

What can I expect during treatment sessions?

Each treatment is different, depending upon what modality is determined most suitable for your needs! However, what remains consistent with each service is our commitment to safety and professionalism. Our Boutique Clinic uses only the most revolutionary, Gold Standard technology in Medical Aesthetics and we are committed to safety, excellent follow-up and satisfaction.

Why would I do more than one treatment?

Clients can opt to do a single treatment, and even our individual prices are value-oriented when compared to the industry standard, however given the measure of result we’ve been fortunate to establish by observing our client results over time, we see the best results occur after a minimum of one skin cycle (28 days). In the case of our Complexion Rehab Programmes, you will notice these are scheduled over the course of 2-3 months, this is because we respect the way skin conducts its business, how it heals and what’s required in terms of time and compatible technology to support it in the turnover and regeneration process. We price our Skincare Strategies and Complexion Programmes to represent excellent value so our clients can get the number of (and combination of) treatments required to see the real life, visible and felt difference each is longing to achieve!

Do I have to pay up-front when participating in a Complexion Rehab?

No! We offer payment on a case by case basis for all clients participating in Complexion Rehab Programmes and we allow a certain time period in which to complete them. It’s rare that our clients don’t follow through, as the results are very encouraging even midway for most, however if the time period for completion elapses and services remain, they will be billed to your method of payment and a credit remains on file, which has no expiry and can be used for all Illuminate services! For each Programme, we allow 30% greater than it’s allowed time to complete, just in case something comes up!

Do the treatments hurt?

Ever heard the saying “beauty is pain”…At Illuminate, this isn’t always the case, but sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable. Ranging anywhere from no pain and all the way to quite intense, we offer a host of treatments so that we can respond to your goals in a way that doesn’t exceed your threshold for pain, unless you want it to. We have two ways of doing laser business: 1. Slow and steady, because it still wins the race + 2. Fast and furious, because we realize patience is the least of some people’s virtues. Either way, we get results. Consults are a great time to discuss pain tolerance! 

What skin type is suitable for treatments?

At Illuminate we treat all skin. The pigmentation depth of each individual complexion is graded on something called a Fitzpatrick scale, which ranges from I-VI, One being the lightest and 6 the deepest. Our trained technicians are skilled at recognizing your pigmentation and choosing technology and settings that are suited to treating your skin without disrupting the consistency of your pigmentation. See Hyperpigmentation + Hypopigmentation Illuminate defined section to develop an understanding of the two most common risks to Fitzpatrick skin types III-VI.

When should I NOT laser my skin?

There are several circumstances which suggest a need for caution when layering your skin, but which do not necessarily preclude you from undergoing laser therapy; greater caution may need to be taken, however. We do not recommend laser therapy during pregnancy, particularly in the early phase, shortly after implantation. If you are trying become pregnant it may be best to refrain, unless you have heightened awareness of your cycle. We also recommend clients who are currently on Acutane take caution when choosing to undergo laser therapy as high dosages can affect the body’s ability to produce collagen.

Cancellation Policy…

We understand that things come up, and we will always do our best to accommodate! Our staff time has value, and in the case of long appointments last-minute cancellations can greatly impact an individual when time has been reserved for our mutual service commitment. For this reason, for appointment times that exceed 1 hour and for evening and weekend bookings, we require 48 hours notice. We require 24 hours notice for all other appointments. The penalty for cancellation within these windows is the cost of the service booked, or $100 - whichever is lesser. We deeply appreciate your understanding, and will be equally conscious of the value of your time.

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