Dry Skin Remedies

Dry skin is generally an inherited skin condition and most often recognised by scaling, itching and flaking. Dry skin usually occurs because the outer layer of the skin does not contain enough oil to hold in moisture. Harsh environmental conditions like cold weather or heat can exacerbate symptoms.

Illuminate Skin Therapies two-tier hydration strategy provides both hydrating and moisturizing to combat dry skin irritations. Upon cleansing, our Radiant Botanical Oils offer nutrient-rich, therapeutic hydration formulated to go deep. This unique small-molecule weight oil goes where no hydration has gone before and the only thing that could make this better is partnering it with part two: Radiant Botanical Hydration or Radiant Botanical Balm.

Radiant Botanical Hydration was formulated to be light, yet incredibly affective emollient blend of organic plant-based carrier and essential oils and butters soothes, cocoons, and defends against all things dry.

Radiant Botanical Balm is a unique hydrator in that it’s not emulsified with water, which means it’s rich, potent and formulated to protect-while still feeling light and breathable.

Who would have thought my skin needed oil!
I was a product junkie and now I only use Illuminate Skin care - hydration, masks, face oils and complexion polish. Incredible products! At 56, my skin has never looked better, my sun spots have disappeared and I feel great.

Thank you for all you do Illuminate ladies, you’re beautiful inside & out!
I highly recommend Illuminate to all my friends & family!
— Susan Brown
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