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Non-ablative Fractionating

Illuminate Dermaglow is administered using a non-ablative fractional Nd:YAG laser, which fractionates the moment it comes in contact with the skin. Unlike traditional ablative fractional therapies, this non-ablative therapy requires no down time with only subtle side effects; mild redness (which usually dissipates within hours). A targeted treatment, which accesses deep imperfections like spots and vascular components, restoring youthful texture and appearance. Although Illuminate Dermaglow yields amazing benefits as a solitary treatment, it offers even greater value and benefit when partnered with compatible therapeutic components in Illuminate Skin Therapies Radiance + Retouch or Radiance + Remedy complexion strategies!

*Complexion Strategies are designed to be smart, value-oriented and deliver effective, concise results. Ask you Laser Therapist which might be most compatible with your skincare goals.

I have been coming to Illuminate for about a year and a half and have never had the skin success I am experiencing now anywhere else.
Kyla is a skin miracle; her knowledge and experience is unmatched. She takes the time to learn about your skin and customize your treatments as you progress.
There are no standard treatments here; it is purely for you.

I have spent my entire life trying to improve my skin, and have tried everything up until Illuminate. They are the perfect combination of treatments, skin care and home care. Not to mention that everything is priced very fairly.
— Kelsy Ully
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