Cleansing Remedies

The law of chemistry suggests that like binds with like. The oil precleansing method implies that your carefully selected oil cleanser will first bind with like, sweeping impurities and debris from the skin surface by making the slough-ready skin supple and ready for removal and allowing the oils to gain access to unnecessary or high-viscosity (dense/thick) sebum that could be congesting pores.

Illuminate Skin Therapies two-tier cleanse strategy provides the necessary first step to precleanse followed by your choice of our Radiant Beauty Brick or Emollient Cleanser.

Radiant Botanical Precleanse, a low-maintenance guide to healthy skin, effectively removes makeup (including mascara), purify, hydrate, exfoliate and decongest.

Botanical Beauty Brick, part two of illuminate’s two-tier cleanse strategy - dissolve precleanse residue leaving skin fresh, purified and ready for PH balance and layers of carefully balanced, deep moisture.

Prefer a liquid cleanser? Choose our Emollient Cleanser for deep purification, softening. Prepares skin in the same way as a Beauty Brick, but with the ease of a pump-ideal for dry, rough skin, but can be used by all!

Having made conscious efforts to be toxin-free and natural as possible with my skin care routine, finding Illuminte Skin Therapies has made it so much easier.
They not only have the knowledge to tailor the products to my skin type, my needs and my budget, but they are wonderfully compassionate women as well!
Highly recommend their services; Illuminate precleanse and bricks are my favourites!
— Bobbi Paidel
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