Botanical C-Complexion Polish

Botanical C-Complexion Polish


Nutrient-rich blend of exfoliating botanicals that improves skin texture, minimizes the appearance of large pores, helps remove dry flaky skin and prevents breakouts. Highly effective exfoliation of epidermal tissue. Results in feeling of soft, silky, vitamin and nutrient-fortified skin. Smoother makeup application.

Skin type:   For use with all skin classifications, with the exception of inflamed, open acne where strategic precleanse-based exfoliating is most therapeutic.

Application:   Combine 1/4tsp of polish with 2-4 pumps of Therapeutic Botanical Precleanse and/or warm water to create a textured blend. Gently polish complexion in circular motion. *Avoid inflamed areas. Polish 2-3 times weekly to gently exfoliate prior to application of illuminate Active Botanical Mask.

Ingredients: Organic C-infusion powders: ginger, cranberry, chamomile, rosehips, grapeseed and hibiscus. Certified Organic essential oils of geranium, bergamot and lavender. Organic Botanical brown rice flour.

100g UV-proof, eco-friendly glass jar with bamboo beauty spoon

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