Clarify - Botanical Beauty Brick

Clarify - Botanical Beauty Brick


Clarify Beauty Brick stimulates, providing the therapeutic benefits of clove, chlorella, cocoa and activated charcoal. This lively and effective formula dissolves congestion-causing sebaceous matter (thick skin sebum/oil) and stimulates circulation to expedite the clearing of congestion, allowing for neutral oil production-leaves skin prepared for therapeutic benefits of Active Botanical Facial Oil.

Skin type:  Oily or textured complexions-prone to black and whiteheads.

Application:   Lather with cool/tepid water to dissolve residue after Therapeutic Botanical Precleanse. *Follow with Mist, Radiant-C and illuminate two-tier hydration strategy. *Avoid eye area.

Ingredients: Cocoa powder, clove, activated charcoal, olive green clay and chlorella. Certified Organic carrier oil of perilla seed. Certified Organic essential oils of cocoa, lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense and lemongrass. Sodium cocoate, sodium palmate, glycerin (vegetable), distilled aqua, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate and oat protein.

80g bar in reusable sealable travel bag

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