The know how of "Illuminate Laser Facials"

What is Revlite laser treatment and how does it work?

Hyper pigmentation is the term for any abnormal darkening of the skin, such as age spots, redness, freckles, acne scarring, or rosacea.

Revlite treatment is a non-invasive laser procedure that uses a beam of light in a high energy pulse to disintegrate melanin deposits, and therefore, removing these kinds of discolorations. Revlite even works on tattoos.

The Revlite Treatment is a painless and natural technology that treats Hyper Pigmentation and corrects skin issues caused by factors such as pollution and sun exposure. The laser used in the Revlite Treatment system improves overall skin texture by constricting enlarged pores, promoting collagen formation and dissolving deposited pigment

The result of this treatment is not only clear skin but in many cases, also firmer younger looking skin, because the laser promotes collagen growth underneath the skin.

The amazing thing about Revlite technology is how the laser only works on aberrations, and will not affect normal parts of your skin. We work closely with your skin type to determine the wavelength of light to be used and how many treatments will be required for your skin to be returned to a beautiful youthful condition. The Laser boosts collagen, and leaves your skin appearing plump and fresh.

What should I expect with treatment?

When you hear the word laser, there is often association with pain or burning. Revlite treatment does not hurt.

Before your treatment patients are advised to abstain from alcohol, vitamin E and ASA. Exposure to the sun following treatment should be avoided. During treatment, you may feel a mild sting on the skin, and initial redness may be a result following treatment, but this will disappear in a few hours. Rarely the redness may last a little longer.

Just two to three sessions can be enough to accomplish a desired renewed skin appearance, however in some instances 8 or 9 sessions may be necessary to remove stubborn spots. Once removed, these spots will never return.

What to expect after treatment:

After successful completion of the treatment, your skin gets rejuvenated, appears brighter, cleaner, smoother and suppler. Contact us today to set up a consultation and to see how Revlite can help you achieve the perfect skin you have always wanted.