Active Botanical Blemish Formula

Active Botanical Blemish Formula


Depending what stage a blemish is, in the inflammation cycle, illuminate’s Active Botanical Blemish Formula may stop an incoming breakout entirely (when addressed early conception). If inflammation is already manifest in the tissue, it will support the body in dissolving the onset before it's visual. If the inflammation is in the visual stage of breakout, similar to a natural cream for acne, Illuminate’s Active Botanical Blemish formula will expedite healing by dissolving bactera, toxicity, congestion and neutralizing post-inflammatory pigmentation (the natural healing response of the body).

Skin type:   Well suited to clients with active acne, dull oily or highly pigmented or uneven skin tone. Often accompanied by Reverie Active Botanical Balm and applied as step one of two tier blemish-fighting strategy.

Application:   Gently press 5-10 drops into face and neck following Cleanse, Active Botanical Mist and/or Radiant- C Serum.

Ingredients: Certified Organic carrier oils of perilla and jojoba seed, argan and sacha inchi. Certified Organic essential oils of chamomile, carrot seed, yarrow, bergamot, tea tree, ylang yang, myrrh and palmarosa.

30ml bottle with doplet

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