Your most beautiful glow starts here. 


Blending earth wisdom and technology to transform skin.

illuminate Skin Therapies professional staff is experienced in skin revitalization, acne treatment, thermal body rejuvenation, pigmentation and hair removal services. Illuminate Skin Therapies uses the most advanced Medical Aesthetic modalities available, we create careful strategies to achieve the best results for your complexion and body! Book your complimentary consult today, and explore the many benefits of Illuminate Skin Therapies!


Skin Rehabs

Are you ready to see skin care in a whole new light? 

During illuminate skin therapies 8-10 week Skin Rehab Programs, it is our aim to interpret the messages of your skin and establish or build on your skin's health + appearance. Following a fact-finding consult, our experienced Skin Therapists will choose, or design a skin care program with your goals in mind. If your outcome is like most, you will experience remarkable results which you will want to maintain and progress and we have an optional Onglowing Program to support our clients in maintaining a newfound radiant glow without compromising budget!

*8-10 weeks recommended commitment, determined by skin needs and Rehab Program 



We know that skin and body care are moving targets, this highlights the importance of maintaining your relationship with Illuminate’s highly trained technicians. The Onglowing programme is designed to maintain and enhance results achieved during Complexion Rehab!. To show our commitment to your newfound glow, we’ve created a signature programme combining services and treatments! Available exclusively to illuminate skin therapies Complexion Rehab graduates…

Find out how you can save 25% on services like hair removal, hot sculpting and dermalinfusion 10% on skincare as an Illuminate Onglowing Member!


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